The Barrelstopper (Cafe and Tavern)

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The Barrelstopper (Cafe and Tavern)

Post by Rhys on Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:32 am

Address: Goblet - Ward 9 - Plot 50
Owner: B'rhysla Vaelin (Rhys)

Looking for a place to take a load off? Need a place to gather your friends, or ya just need something to drink that'll kick you in the teeth? Drop by and take a load off! Anyone is welcome and problems are left at the door. Cafe is located on the main floor (for daytime use and those who prefer not to drink) and the tavern's in the basement (for nighttime use and those who prefer to drink).

[Cafe Hours] (currently WIP, will update this when it's open)
Monday: 12pm-4pm CST
Wednesday: 12pm - 4pm CST

[Tavern Hours]
Monday: 7pm-10pm CST
Friday: 7pm-11pm CST

**Menu for both to be added to another section of the site**

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